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16歳でオーストラリア National Theatre Ballest Scoolにバレエ留学。18歳でDiploma of the Artsを取得。
帰国後、日本女子体育大学 舞踊学専攻に入学。 大学在学中より、ダンサーとして、太田ゆかり・じゅんじゅん・上野天志等の作品に参加。卒業後、”社会におけるダンスの価値” を探すため ”まず社会を知る”という安易な考えで、IT企業に就職。

「吸収spectrum」第二回ソロダンサフェスティバル2018 ファイナリストに選出される。
その他「dräpped into」「カムリノヒカリ」を発表。
2021年8月ダンス現在vol.26にて初めての長編ソロダンス「ゆるし色の緒」を天使館で発表。”心踊るカラダ” を作品創作で大切にしている。


Dancer / Choreographer
Born in Hyogo, Japan, 1993.
Yuki started classic ballet at age of 4 then. She moved to Australia to train at National Theatre Ballet School, Melborune when she was 16 years old then got Diploma of the Arts though the training program. After she returned Japan to futher to her study at Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Tokyo. During their student, she's joined performances of choreographed by Yukari Ota, Jun Takahashi, Takashi Ueno, etc..

After graduated, Yuki began to work as an office worker to know "the reason why our dance has separated from social community" as charging of PR at the IT company of KDDI group.
On the other hand she cannot stop organizing deeply as an artist, she joined 6th Recidency Program in Kobe for 8 monthes produced by Dance Dox in Kobe.
Her first group piece titleded "Accord" premiered at the final showcase of their program.

In 2018, Yuki has started own Solo work project fouced on "THE BODY of making excited in own heart".
"Absorbed spectrum" was nomited as a finalist by Solo Danza Festival 2018.

Other works like peformed "dräpped into", "KAMURINOHIKARI".
"A/UN" nomited as the [Labo20#22] produced by ST spot theatre in 2019, she had created for 2 year though the production.
Also she joined the dance company M-labolatory produced by Hiroyuki Miura while 2019-2021.

In 2021, Yuki had performed the first long length solo " O of YURUSHI color " in Dance Present program at Tenshikan where founded by Akira Kasai.
Others, she has joined pieces choreographed by Kota Yamazaki, Teita Iwabuchi and Mitsutake Kasai, etc..


Yuki Miyawaki

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